TV review w/e 14th August

#PennyDreadful #CityOfAngels S1/6 Tiago & Lewis interrogate Diego. But Diego and now Lewis know it is Tiagos brother who killed the cop which sexually assaulted their sister. So most of the hour was spent in the interrogation room which was covered in a treacle colour and wading through treacle it seemed. Yes, the is good acting but it is being dragged out *4

#TheGadgetShow somehow I have missed some of the series episodes so I had to back track a bit. The formula is still the same and the team are still the same. You sense that they all get on very well and the show flows very smoothly. Plus Not a repeat. You may say but they can't show repeats as the gadgets would be out of date? Explain that to #PlacesintheSun where you can buy a 2004 villa for £19.96p! Gadget Show*8

#Chernobyl, one of my favourite actors Stellan Skarsgård heads this five parter. Now this disaster happened in the 90s so some people will not know where Chernobyl is especially if you are watching this series. Chernobyl is in the old Russia but you would only know this by the vast amounts of vodka being consumed. Russia accents are rare and when a miner played by Alex Ferns with his thick Scottish accent spoke we were lucky that he didn't say "yer canny no do it Captain she's gonna blow" or as an old EastEnder baddie he might have said "Core blimey". It is not just this programme where accents are now missing, could it be producers are afraid of the Van Dyke scenario but that was fifty years ago! However, the series gives a good indication of the behind the scenes and how it was covered up and how they were so close to a major disaster that could have killed neighbouring countries and millions of people for years to come.*8

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