TV review w/e 19th September

Our TV has come back. A six month old Samsung bought from John Lewis has gone for two repairs. The first time it just died and when it came back the second time we discovered a line across the top. The third party repair company disputed that there was a line going across the screen. We had to phone them after two weeks to say where is our TV. Only to be told that they couldn't find a line despite their collectors also saying that it had a line and needed a new screen. So they hadn't even looked at it properly let alone attempt to repair it. As I said to the lady do you think we are sending our tv away for weeks just for fun. We said we had taken photos of the line and she wanted to see them. Eventually they conceded and we got the tv back with the plastic covering still around the sides of the screen. #0

So I haven't watched much tv but did watch Des all about #DennisNilsen the mass murderer mainly because I used to go into one of his favourite pubs with my girlfriend during this period. #DavidTennant played Nilsen brilliantly and looked remarkably like him. Also it was shown over three nights from Monday to Wednesday so I could remember all rather than having to go back on the previous week's recording. It was very good and Des enjoyed playing around with the police especially the DCI played by #DanielMay. The 3/3 was good and bad. Good because you thought that he would get away with insanity and bad because all of a sudden he was guilty and show was finished. The sad part was that the DCI died only two years later from cancer and one of Nilsens victims was 14 and they never found out some of the victims or their parents. Nilsen died in a Yorkshire hospital. *8

The Third day is a supernatural thriller and the first programme shows #JudeLaw finding a young child committing suicide by hanging. He saves her and takes her back to an island across a causeway which is covered twice a day by the sea. It seems that the islanders are weird like a cult. Very similar to #TheWickerMan film. Just like Des we are treated to more body parts. Needless to say the tide flows and he is stuck on the island for at least another episode.

Will continue to watch this series as it is intriguing. *8

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