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Updated: Mar 21, 2020

#Hidden Series 2, another great drama coming from #Wales. Brilliant cast all round especially the scary Mia #AnnesElwy & dowey eyed lover Connor #SteffanCennydd. I can't give too much away only to say that it is gripping from start to finish with the final episode next week.*9 Just referencing back to last week's review of the Liar series #SianReeseWilliams is brilliant as the DI and although I don't want to compare her performance to others she is realistic compared to #KatherineKelly as the over the top DI in #Liar

Saturday night have a insight into the musician #MilesDavis and how he lived his life including his hate of coming back to the USA and his heroin addiction. It also showed his willingness to give young people a chance including a 17 year old drummer and a 23 year old #HerbieHancock. *7

Obviously this week we had more news on the coronavirus with a budget to match and of course, the panic buying of toilet rolls & pasta. *3

Haven't watched #DragonsDen for some time mainly because it is a bit cruel when some enterprising people are actually lambs to the slaughter. The American lass who got all her figures wrong including stating that the UK population was 200 million and another guy said he would give the Dragons 3% and valued his business as a multi million company. *6

Another programme I have forgotten to watch is #TheSimpsons which is so clever and funny I must remember to watch these little gems. *8

Now I am not a fan of #MartinFreeman in #TheOfficer #Fargo #SherlockHolmes #TheHobbit etc but in this new comedy called #Breeders he is brilliant as Paul with his wife Ally both struggling to cope with parenthood. Plenty of uncontrollable temper and swearing along with funny situations make this a Record #SeriesLink *8

#TheSplit the last ever episode? I doubt it. Now I enjoyed the start of this series but slowly and surely it started to get more and more syrupy like an American series that was related to Sky channel 567. The law side has fallen off with more emphasis on the crazy life's of the three sisters and mother. Yes, there was an unusual surprise but I had guessed that the I hate you couple, turned your OK turned into I love you.

Well let's get down to the main characters. I find Hannah and her pauses between I love you but I love you as well getting too long. Nice acting by Christie and his waiting game but you feel he should have moved on years ago. But I think we all feel sorry for Nathan even though he started the balls rolling.

#OnlyConnect getting near to the final and #VictoriaCorenMitchell dressing more like a Victorian. The final could see her in full Victorian dress but before Albert's death or after? Nice touch for VCM to mention her husband as a famous comedy duo. *7

I've put #Doctors on Series Link! Could #AdrianLewisMorgan Jimmi be freed from prison. It would be great to see the OCD, depresssed, sad, Buddhist back behind his desk rather than locked up - or would it? Nice to see #ElisabethDermotWalsh as Zara and #MatthewChambers as Daniel get back together again but secretly we knew they would didn't we, it was just a matter of time. *8

#Penance a three part series running on consecutive nights so a binge night and no confusion of getting the actors mixed up or major flash backs. Firstly their son is found drown in Thailand dispite being an excellent swimmer. Then a young boy Jed befriends dysfunctional family. The Dad played by #NeilMorrisey has had an affair. The schoolgirl daughter has hit the bottle and selling drugs and #JulieGraham plays the mother who Jed fancies along with the daughter. #ArtMalik is the priest who has an inkling that Jed is a wrong hun. The mother becomes a private eye and discovers that so called Jed nee Ryan knew the dead son Rob. Ryan was a kisser Kill (Rob) Injure (Priest) Shag (Daughter) Shag (Mum) only the Dad seems to have escaped. How do you think it ended. Ryan lives happily with Mum and Daughter with Dad acting as butler - not quite. *7

Channel 4 #HowToBeatStress - wow with coronavirus we all need to watch this series of programmes *8

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#FridayNightDinner back Channel 4 Friday 27th

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