TV review w/e 21st August

#PennyDreadful it started off exciting with the three witches and unusual things happening. Now the black witch is in several different disguises but nothing unusual only a conniving witch plotting as an activist, mistress, mayor's secretary and witch of course. White witch seems a poor substitute and the good witch doesn't seem to have any major power. The evil side is coming firm the Nazis - surprise, surprise. But overall like the last couple of episode it is too slow. *4

#Chernobyl continued to show the inside story and when the two major stars started to fall ill i.e. #JaredHarris has his hair falling out and #StellanSkarsgård coughing blood you knew the series was coming to an end. I found that the guy played by comedian #PaulRitter, who was the man who caused the disaster and whose face bubbled up along with pucking up within a week of the big bang, suddenly was one of three in court. But once the questioning started it couldn't have been him because he was in the toilet despite everybody else in the room saying he was there at the time. A comedian to the last. Good series, good actors, bad accents

At the end you saw the actual Chernobyl men and their demise *7

#TheRailwayMan was a film I managed to see in its last hour. #ColinFirth PoW played an innocent railway enthusiast but the Japanese saw his drawing of a railway line and thought the worse and he had the worse in the form of constant torture. Married to #NicoleKidman he found out that one of the torturers was still alive and paid him a visit to kill him. He realised that he could not bring himself down to the Japanese soldiers level and eventually let him go. Later he said to his wife back in England that he needed to go back and wanted his wife to come. They meet the Japanese officer again who sobbed uncontrollably and they became long life friends. As above they showed the real peoples photos and the character played by Colin Firth lived to 93 despite his ordeal both mentally and physically. *9

#Gadgetshow still a good show after all these years and so informative *7

#Quartet #michaelgambon #andrewsachs #maggiesmith #tomcourtney #sheridansmith #billyconnelly #paulinecollins all now bunched into a care home for old famous entertainers with the gala show coming up. With such a cast it has to get a *7!

#SemiDetached #LeeMack is a stand up comedian or sit com with great one liners not a comedy drama actor #S1/1 wife talking to Lee "you used to be so much fun" never a truer word. Yes, I have seen the trailer and two episodes and as a situation comedy it has its moments but not Lee as the main lead. The situations are getting more and more silly boarding on a Monty Python sketch.*4

#Babs showing the life & lives of #DameBarbaraWindsor between 1943 to 1993. But I was confused to see 3 Barbara's. Nice to see a cameo role of Babs herself protesting about the amount of men she had entertained. Now I thought the Babs lookalike played by Lee ex-wife #SamanthaSpiro from Semi-detached above was unbelievable in the role of overseer. So I did not understand why they had the younger #BarbaraWindsor played by someone else #HonorKneafsey? I can understand they wanted a young & old Windsor but it didn't really work. Nevertheless it was a great insight into her life. Being the major court witness in her mum and dad's divorce. Marrying her criminal & cheating husband #RonnieKnight. Meeting the #Krays and saying they were lovely boys. Not knowing #WarrenBeatty. Standing up to #KennethWilliams and becoming best friends. Then her toyboy (her words) Scott who became her devoted husband and has lovingly looked after her for over 27 years. Finally the real Babs sings to a pack theatre

Unfortunately Babs is now in a home but the little bird will always be a beautiful cockney sparrow or singing canary. Good bless her. *7

#LoseAStoneIn21days #MichaelMosley on another weight loss programme but to me it is always compelling to watch. Also informative and explained in an easy format. However, I would like to see some older people that find it harder to lose a stone and are less likely to go down the gym or can't do exercise due to ailments. This is an inspiring programme that can only be good for you and hence it gets my to mark *10.

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