TV review w/e 22nd May

#GardenersWorld Just a note to say how sad it was to hear that #MontyDon's dog Nigel passed away in his sleep this week. He would have been 12 year old .

R.I.P. Nigel.

#VanDerValk S1/ep3 I am still pursuing this two hour long series. It is still very patchy and like most two hour programmes can not hold my attention all the time. #MarcWarren is a great actor and is paying the original Van Der Valk by being a miserable bastard. I was getting particularly concerned about his attention to the black #ElliotBarnesWorrell called Job so much so that I thought we were going to have a racist story but in the episode there may be an explanation. But Job to me is the star of the show. He is the ultra intelligent guy in the group who solves the complex parts of cases and barely gets a grunt from VDV. Even VDV assistant says "you are too hard on him". Job is paired up with the knob in the foursome Brad. Now Brad is the leather clad knob who is the drinker, eater, womaniser and thicko who knicks the credit from Job every chance he gets. This week VDV has to battle an old adversary and yes, Job is the star again. Could VDV say thank you at least? *8

#TheBestoftheChelseaFlowerShow obviously no show this year just a virtual tour so the BBC has created an over the years show. Here you see the top show gardens and the excitement of the winners. But the overall winners are the plants with their shape, style and vibrant colours that can only brighten up your TV evening.

The celebrity Mary Berry shows you around her garden and you see several other celebrities at the show. Whether or not they are there to look at the plants or are their own narcissus is a different subject. *7

#KillingEve Villanelle #JodieComer goes home to Russia to see her family which she had not seen since her mother put her in an orphanage and her Dad killed himself. Her brother recognises her and they are on good terms but when her mother sees her Villanelle is not so friendly. For the rest of the programme you she Villanelle trying to cope with a normal family life and a normal Russia life. No murders until her Mother for no major reason tells her to leave. End of the homely family bar her brother and a young boy destined to see Elton John in London. However, if I wanted to have an hour's family time I would have tuned into the Archer.

Fear that I maybe the next contract killing I will double my score to *2

Next episode we see Eve visiting her husband who we thought was dead by pitch fork, courtesy of Dasha #HarrietWalter. Nico #OwenMcDonnell cannot talk at the moment (forked tongue?) to his wife but via text machine says 'Fuck Off Forever'.

Villanelle still expecting promotion and a way out of killing is still regarded as an assassin rather than management material much to her disgust "This is Bollack's"

Eve #SandraOh is now on the hunt for Nico's farmer friend and heads back to Carolyn #FionaShaw who is still looking for her son's killer. Carolyn also has the added problem of trying to appease her daughter. Another espiode that does not really match Series 1&2. *5

#GangsofLondon I have binged and watched the whole series. Far better coming up to the finale as the unbelieveable violence i.e. 1 person against 12 and still wins has waned. Now the storyline is more intriguing and at last more acting than shooting.The end had several surprises and now I cannot wait for Series Two. * 8

#ViennaBlood is getting better and better. This espiode shows a slaying at a brothel and soon they have the murderer, a man with the age of ten. Obviously it's not going to finish after twenty minutes and when two thugs best him to death in his cell, the story continues. They realise they had the wrong man. Max now feels that it was a soldier with his trusty sword. This lead to the a group of soldiers with possible Nazis undertones. But this was another red herring and the murders were based on Mozart's Magic Flute which eventually leads Max to the killer just before the killer tries to hang the Inspector. *8

#BargainHunt over the last year or so has gone down hill since #TimWonnacot left. Now we have the imposters. i.e. previous presenters. Nobody can uphold the TW status except #CharlieRoss with his sense of fun. #AnitaManning comes in second place but is too theatrical. #EricKnowles surprisingly is too stern for the camera and doesn't protray his normal friendly TV appearances. But #NatashaRaskinSharp is the new young girl on the block and she has gone from nowhere to one of the main presenters. Unfortunately she cannot be compared to the smartly dressed dandy Tim. With from her straggly hair, her arms flying everywhere, uncontrollable laughing with closing her eyes, opening her mouth and tipping her head back it does not give a good picture. On top of that I have to rate her as one of the worse dressed women in TV and maybe she should look at her other presenters for dress sense before she puts on another baggy jumper. Also the format has changed. Now you have to look for a particular item e.g. sea item, glass, silver, a pair of, something associated with…. This means the contestants are not choosing what they want and they may not even find their task in the antique fair plus it is taking up their hour of time. The one new idea I like is that at least one item must be over £75 and this stops the £5x3 items so that they can get the golden gavel. The high priced item makes it a decent gamble by buying an actual antique rather than boot sale tat. It also looks like the days of Bargain Hunt are numbered in more ways than one. *5

#FatherBrown one of the joys to get you out of boredom during the afternoon lockdown. #MarkWilliams (the comedian/actor) plays the sleuth priest and solves the murders where the Defective I mean Detectives cannot. Unfortunately, Father Brown is like the Grime Reaper and finds death everywhere. Cheer yourself up by watching this afternoon escapism. *8

What's the matter with #TonySlattery is a documentary about Tony who went from being a top comedian but went into obscurity very quickly. The documentary was looking at Tony being bi-polar with a cocaine and drink problem. But delving into his past revealed the trauma of being sex raped by a priest at eight years old, he never discussed this to anyone but his long standing partner. Several experts discussed with him his past. He gave up cocaine more or less immediately when he found out the purity of the substance. However alcohol is a different subject and Tony has tried to give it up more than 3 times going cold turkey on one occasion where we ended up in hospital. Unfortunately, alcohol can mask the problems of mental health as well and basically the experts were saying try to give up alcohol and then we can perhaps see the underlying problems without this particular substance blurring the picture. Overall you could see in Tony's eyes that he was a very intelligent man and a comic genius but you could also see that he was vulnerable and all you really wanted to do is hug him and say we will get through this. *10.

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