TV review w/e 4th April 2020

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

#TheNest no it's not #ChrisPackham up a tree with a camera waiting for the first cuckoo of spring to pop his head out of the nest.

It starts with Emily accidentally knocking down a girl Kaya who then breaks a bottle to attack the driver but Emily says get in the car and I will take you to the hospital. (As you do). When she gets there she tells her to see nurse Hilary #FionaBell. who is her sister in law? (Lucky). Whilst checking out Kaya Hilary starts to miscarriage but not with her child but Emily! Still here? well, a further twist because Kaya then volunteers to have Emily's child. (What unluck then Luck). The Nest is all about a husband and barren wife "hiring" a wayward girl to produce their first child. #SophieRundle (Emily) and #MartinCompston (Dan) are the Glasgow couple. As mentioned, they tried the segregate method before with his sister but unfortunately, the #Glasgow couple were unsuccessful. The girl #MirrenMack (Kaya) moves in with them but bored as the resident mum to be, is given a job at the Dads restaurant where the Dads sisters son fancies the wayward much against sister's Hilary #FionaBell wishes. So he moves in with his uncle and hence is closer to Kaya. But #Spoiler the wayward girl was an eleven-year-old killer of a pregnant woman. Panic! Plus the wayward girls neighbour is now at the bottom of the sea and he had contact with the Dan but this is denied. A further subplot is that the social worker is very friendly with Kaya and is looking after a young child. Now we have a reporter snooping around and she is trying to put two and two together which is more than I can do with this complex family tree which is going to grow more and more if you know what I mean.

If they also showed flashbacks then I would be shaking in the corner but I will persist with this thriller which has no thrills at the moment *5

#MatchoftheDay Top 10 All round to #GaryLinekars kitchen to discuss the top ten strikers with #AlanShearer and #IanWright. Ian takes himself out of the equation but Alan doesn't and puts himself top based on goals scored. Would you have him top ahead of #VanNistelrooy, #AndyCole, #Ronaldo, #WayneRooney, #ThierryHenry #HarryKane #Aguero #Saurez #Drogba - no I thought not *3

#Liar penultimate episode. The DCI is still obnoxious with her totally over the top comments. The two main leads #IoanGruffudd and #JoanneFroggatt are excellent even if the series is still wading through treacle. But this is getting towards the end and we are near finding out who and how Laura is being set-up. So a subplot apart from the murder. Again too much in this series shows things that are implausible for instance Laura has now pickpocketed a mobile and she finds the code after the third attempt (1111, 2222, 3333 Bingo!). More implausible events with Laura's gang of mini detectives and they find Ioan's accomplish. They follow the guy out of the car park but another car gets in the way so at the junction they just stop instead of taking a 50/50 left or right. I think the viewers are being treated as gullible. Also another subplot and the DCIs ex. leaves prison and kills his new partner then goes on the run. Last week next week weigh probably more flashbacks. *5

#AllRoundtoMrsBrowns I used to love this programme but now you can see the jokes coming a fortnight early and the novelty of the cast #corpsing has long gone wanted to see #LeeMack on the couch but missed it but I did see #BillyOcean with a platypus sing into the back of his head but Billy is still a great singer and has not lost that great voice of his at all.*4

#OnlyConnect the Final between 007s and Suits. A hard fight game but surprisingly one team hit nothing on the wall and I got 3 out of 4 and regarding the other team, I got 3 again compared to their 2. The one I didn't get in the first instance was a palindrome but they had the same question fit the second team which I thought was unusual but still heaved the opportunity. Along with saying bin & pet for suffixes I wild have, romped home beating the teams' maximum points of 17 that's if I times my score by 4. Sad to see it go fit another season. #VictoriaCorenMitchell made so nice touches during the programme and did show any smarminess. *10. Now watching #UniversityChallenge with #JeremyPaxman - no comment. *7

#ATriptoGreece I have never been so shocked. #SteveCoogan and #RobBrydon see into another series of their joyly around the Greece Island then whilst on a beach Steve gets a phone call from his son to say his Dad has died. Now if my Dad had died I would not want a camera in my face but it seems that this was not a problem. I thought it was a drama because it seemed so unreal. Rob hardly said a word and them the bizarre transfer at Sami where Rob is madly waving his hat in the air but not saying goodbye to Steve but hello to his wife. Also at the harbour you then see them both ignore each other in passing. Steve is constantly on camera getting into the various cabs until he arrives at his ex's house. There he hugs his son when he opens the door but they filmed it from both the son and Steves side so it must have taken several takes! But by Wiki he only has a daughter. I definitely thought it was a drama. *0


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