TV review w/e 4th July 2020

#YourMoneyAndYourLife is coming to the end of the series. #MattAllbright & #KymMarsh are a great duo and soaring partners. #GloriaHunniford #AngelaRippon and #Dave the bank from Burnley all have their own little sections with useful tips. A easy going programme which is fun and informative, you can't get better *8

#Doctors are on call at the moment and I can't get into the Australian #Heights. Also #FatherBrown is on soa game show filter.

This have left me with more #EscapeToTheCountry #PlacesInTheSun followed by two family estate agents selling property in Spain. All good programmes but they only make me miserable whilst in lockdown and the rain!

#GardenRescue cheered me up as they had to work in the rain so much so that the lawn was a mud patch and they had to eventually relay a new lawn. *8

#PennyDreadful this is a weird one. Looks normal with a new Mexican policeman having to go up against his brother an activist but their mum is a good witch and the are two invisible witches that are causing major problems. This is only S1/1 *7

What I have enjoyed during lockdown is the various number of nature programmes by unknowns. This morning I was watching basking sharks off Lundy and blue Kelly fish, lobster and giant crabs. Now I am watching a professional cameraman and his love of Cornwall.

Also we now have sport for free. Football matches are being shown live in various channels and they are now showing Wimbledon review of previous matches. Great cricket matches are re powering the grey cells, it can only be all for the best.

However all these programmes are showing the fun of being outside. Where is Ross Kemp and inside Britain's worse prison?

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