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Friday Night Dinner - Funny or not? Let me know.

Have I Got News For You broadcast from the homes of #PaulMerton #IanHislop #ZoeLyonsand #RevRichardCole co-hosted by #StephenMangan. Unfortunately #RevCole annoys me with his superior attitude and boorish "Did you Know"*3

Saturday afternoon and I stumbled on #JacquelineWilson 4 kids, it and me. Jacqueline talks about her favourite author #ENesbit, their similar lives and the forthcoming film. Believe it not It is voiced by #MichaelCaine of "not a lot of people know that" But one of the main characters is played by #RussellBrand another superior know it all in the Revclass. I will watch the film as homage to Jacqueline and Michael and bear the Branding.

#Attenborough #WildCity Richard always makes it interesting. His voice just flows through the programme. 1/3 it shows that Singapore has adapted, no more Tigers so the broads are taking over. Also the Singapore natives do not realise crocodiles are in the rivers. Colugo, bat type squarewinged mammals hover during the night and sleep during the day whilst workers are cycling below. Mudskippers and numerous crabs share the island until the tide comes in. Then the otters come a feeding but have to be aware of enemies in the form of Monitors after their first catch. It is also nice to see the white bellied dress eagle sharing with the airplanes and container ships. The island of Singapore seems to work on a balance of 50/50 at the moment but David can see this moving in the wrong direction. *10

Probably a future contender for David's crown is #HughsWildWest with #HughFearnleyWhittingstall covering the West country and its array of starlings, butterflies, bitterns, frogs and many more. He has a natural charm that captures you into the programme. No food show from the chef apart from a sugary cake to attract the red ant that takes the butterfly pupua into its nest. Then onto grass snakes, water voles, roe deer, badgers, crows and herons chasing a fox and then a stoat enters the scene. A must see. *9

#HeavenlyGardens with #AlexanderArmstrong visits #BishopsPalace #SconePalace and #Alnwick AA & #AritAnderson AA of #GardenersWorld & #GardenRescue fame both show the beauty and spiritual side of gardens.*7

#Channel4 Easter Monday and I stumbled on a new programme called #MenditforMoney now I have had a glass of wine but have I got déjà vu because I have come across a similar#programme. #TheRepairShop with #JayBlades along with master craftsmen and women repair normal sentimental objects and no mention of money. I even have their book The Repair shop which was a Christmas present. The Mend it for Money team restore a letterbox, flick machine and a Porsche car. The Porsche sold at auction below price. What I couldn't understand was that they had #TomAllen the cleanest dandy you could ever imagine and I could not see him under a Porsche not even Morris Minor. But he said with authority "you can't use a cross head screwdriver on this machine as they weren't invented. This machine is made with authenticity in spades"

Then Nick stated that the lock had been repaired by a restorer and produced a flat key. I feel that this would have been a cylinder key and hence authenticity is a load of ball-bearings but it works! I suppose it is a bit lighter than The Repair Shop but with #MoneyforNothing #SalvageHunters #Restorers etc it's all becoming over whelming. *4

#TheNest 5/5 Kaya won't give up the baby. What a surprise. #SpoilerAlert - not really. But there are several surprises ,- a sad, bad, happy or unusual ending? I wouldknowletyou but you might have recorded it. Over the five parts as Janice used to say on Juke Box Jury I'll give it *5.

#KillingEve 3/1 Nothing has changed its still beyond brilliant. I love the four main characters #SandraHo as Eve #JodieComer the scary #Villanelle, #KimBodnia as her keeper and #FionaShaw as Eve's "ex boss". Eve has had enough of the intrigueand is now cutting up chickens in a Chinese restaurant kitchen but of course is still involved. Villianelle is still brutally killing people but has her old Russian coach played by #HarrietWalter by her side. They both play a great part in Villianelles wedding ceremony. Final scene is a wowzy. Can't wait for 3/2. *9

Watching #TheTunnel and just finished watching the final S1 10/10 re-run. Final word after 10/10 "aurevior" never a truer words spoken. *10

#Breeders is still on the right track. Don't we all love children, especially with chips and peas. Daisy still pulls it off. Frustration of trying to get Ally out so he can propose is stopped by his son having s po whilst listening to Dad's smartphone. Then the phone rings but son hasn't finished, Dad expletives. Then ready to get out but now teeming with rain. Frustration equals Dad outnumbered. Nice to see #AlunArmstrong up to his Old Tricks. I can now call Paul Dad as there is no confusion because #AmericanDad scattered all over Berkshire. #MartinFreeman is brilliant as the frustrated proposer when his Dad wants to delay his trip to the park to have a 'shit, before I soil myself'. Then just before he gets to the door, son wants No2 No2 - no shit! *8

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