w/e 29th May 2020

#LittleBoyBlue Episode 3 of the true story of an eleven year old boy Rhys Jones shot and nobody would give evidence against the murderer Kevin Moody or his gang. The documentary is also being shown tonight

#LittleBoyBlue documentary. The true story of the Evertonian fan Rhys Jones being shot dead whilst coming home from football training. The killer Kevin Moody was blatantly not worried and protected by his friends and some mother's of the gang. It was only the discovery of the gun that eventually stopped him in his tracks. He received a twenty year sentence along with other sentences for the gang and family members that preverted the course of justice. Very sad footage of the tributes paid, especially at Goodison Park, home of Everton and the funeral through Liverpool.

#TheEadtEndersMurderers the true story of the murder of #EastEnder stars #GemmaMcCluskie and #SianBlake. Gemma was killed by her brother, copied up, put in a suitcase and dumped. Only the skull was missing until found in a plastic bag. Tony McCluskie pleaded manslaughter with the murder by red must but the jury did not believe him and eventually he got twenty years.

Sian was living in Erith, Kent with her two children and had just been diagnosed with moto neurone disease then they went missing. Arthur Simpson Kent her partner confirmed that he had received text from Sian's mobile starting she wanted to go away. ASK was a hairdresser and make model and his ex wife Dominic said he changed after moving to his native France and she divorced him in 2003. He then dominated Sian and she wanted to leave. Whilst Sian was missing ASK fleed aboard to his native Guyana via Scotland and Amsterdam. During the meantime Sian and her two children were found wrapped in plastic in their Erith garden. He was found enjoying himself at a beach resort. At the Old Bailey in 2016 he admitted killing of the three victims but said that his wife wanted to die along with her children. Again the jury did not believe him and he was sentenced.

The third sequential programme on Channel 5 is The Chem-Sex Cannibal Murder…. It seems Channel 5 is trying to take over the horror channel and to ease my nightmares tonight I will not be watching a hat trick of horror.

#Code404 another series I seem to have missed so I will be binging on this for later reporting.

#FourthofJuly I watched this two hours plus film as I could not remember the ending. Tom Cruise plays a patriotic soldier who could not wait to get into the army and fight in Vietnam. All good until he shoots died one of his own men and then the army fire on a camp full of women and children. He is pulled out of the hut leaving a baby crying on its dead mother. Then he gets shot and paralysed. However in the hospital he manages to drag himself around until he falls then he is permanently in a wheel chair. The scenes in a veteran hospital whereby he is face down looking at his own vomit and urine with the attendants would rather play cards than replace his catheter. However he still loved America but America did not love him and wanted the USA to pull out of the war. He eventually turned and became an activist. There it strangely ended with no real worthwhile conclusion *6

#SpringWatch it's just lovely to sit and watch nature. The mindfulness session with robin's, woodpecker, tits, deer, bluebells and the general view of the New Forest. Next Chris Packham wearing what looks like an adder skin T shirts shows a clip of the salmon going from fresh water to sea from par to smoult. Their bodies adapt from river to sea and then back to the fast flowing rivers as a full grown salmon.

Next Cornwall has a Beaver trust and you can see the beaver building their dams to create a safe haven.*8

A lot of repeats and re-runs due to the virus

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