Wimpy disappointment

Havng not been to a Wimpy establishment for many, many years I decided to recapture my youth. However I did not fancy my old Cheeseburger & chips followed by a knicker bocker glory and instead chose the luxury Wimpy International and Hot Chocolate.

I should have realised that times are a changing when the previous occupier of my booth had left most of their meal. Well the service was OK and the toilets were clean but on receiving the International I was sorely disappointed. The side salad was just a mess as the picture shows. I had to maneuver the two bacon slices off of the heap before they became impregnated with the gloo. The hamburger was very rubbery although it did bring back memories of a Wimpy in Lewisham. The griddle egg was fine and had some wetness to the meal but this was soon finished by the dry, over cooked frankfurter and even dryer chips which were equivalent to eating large matchsticks, which were also difficult to eat as if you were to cut them the majority of them they would have peppered the remaining customers. I was looking forward to my hot chocolate & biscuit being the best part of the meal but again this fell well short of my expectations. It was so sweet that the three sugar sachets were totally redundant and it didn't really taste of hot chocolate - obviously a packet of something.

Well I paid £13.10

but I will not be paying them a visit any time soon.

Bye, bye Wimpy I will miss the memories.

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